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Master Fanfiction List

Master Fanfiction List

Welcome everyone to quick_ly's master fic list, where you can find all my fanfiction in alphabetical order.

30 Rock

01. The Best Kind of Business Men: The Donaghy’s move next door to the Lemon’s when Liz is barley five. [Drabble. PG. Jack/Liz.]

02. Shut your face: It’s gotten to the point where whenever he has a problem with the baby, she’s the first person he calls. [Drabble. PG. Jack/Liz.]


01. Because We Kind of Work: It's not a date, because dates are for people who like each other. Romantically. [Oneshot. PG-13. Jeff/Britta.]

02. Midnight Phone Calls: She gets a call at 2:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. [Drabble. PG. JeffBritta.] Note: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the fic.

03. Movie Monday: Together they have a secret movie Monday! [Drabble. PG. Abed/Annie/Troy.]

Doctor Who

01. In The Shadow of Your Heart: When amy pond is seven years old, she’s visited by a strange man who opens her eyes to a world she hardly believes. It’s the beginning of the end. [Oneshot. PG. Amy/Eleven.]

02. The Coming End: Amy spends her last moments in existents pondering all the things she’ll never get to do. [Drabble. PG. Amy/Eleven.] Note: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the fic.

03. Woodstock: The first time is pretty difficult. [Drabble. R. Amy/Eleven.]

Downton Abbey

01. Kiss Me Softly: When news of the war hits, problems like Turkish diplomats and unanswered proposals seem not to matter so much. [Oneshot. G. Matthew/Mary.]


01. A Hard Day’s Night: Santana Lopez doesn’t wear chapstick. Especially bubblegum flavored. [Oneshot. PG-13. Jesse/Santana.]

02. Eight Days on Her Own: "Quinn lasts a total of eight days on her own." Quinn tries to fend for herself - and fails. [Multi-Chapter. G. Puck/Quinn.] Status: abandoned.

03. Glee Warfare: The game: paintball; The place: McKinley High; The prize: the perfect report card. Naturally, everyone was in. - McKinley High plays a game of Paintball Assassin. It's war. [Oneshot. PG-13. Gen (slight Finn/Rachel).]

04. La vie en rose (Life in Pink): In that moment, Rachel knows they completely understand each other. [Oneshot. PG. Finn/Rachel.]

05. Locker Confessions: Puck and Quinn have a talk by her locker. [Oneshot. PG. Puck/Quinn.]

06. Milkshakes : Quinn gets milkshakes. [Drabble. G. Puck/Quinn(/Finn).]

07. Secret Valentines: Noah Puckerman had a thing for Quinn long before wine coolers and feeling fat.[Oneshot. PG-13. Puck/Quinn.]

08. Stolen Nights: You feel guilty after kissing Finn, because Puck is the one who’s really been there for you, and if you should be kissing anyone, it’s him. [Oneshot. PG-13. Puck/Quinn.]

09. Summer Swimming: Finn wants to go swimming. Rachel... doesn't? [Oneshot. G. Finn/Rachel.]

10. This is Who We Remain Forever: When all is said and done, they grow up. [Oneshot. PG-13. Finn/Rachel.]

11. We're Not Really Sinners (Not Yet Anyway): Finn was as sure of her having star potential as he was sure that he didn’t. [Oneshot. PG-13. Finn/Rachel.]

Harry Potter

01. Dreams of a Dreamer: At night, it’s as though Voldemort and all he comes with is a dizzy dream, and Ginny becomes the only real thing in the world. [Oneshot. PG-13. Harry/Ginny.]

02. Good Morning, Father: Lily Potter’s Guide to The Triumphs and Turmoils of Wizardry, Being Significantly Smarter Then Your Peers, and Calling an Internationally Famous Hero ‘Daddy’. [Multi-Chapter. PG. Lily Luna Potter.] Part 2 Status: abandoned.

03. I Want to Want You (But I Know I Can't): Neville and Luna during Deathly Hallows. [Oneshot. R. Luna/Neville.]

04. Late At Night: Ron and Hermione's not so simple relationship during the last four books. [Multi-Chapter. PG-13. Ron/Hermione.] Status: abandoned.

05. Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading: She's never been a people person. Not even when she was young and couldn't tell the difference (although Lily can't remember a time when the difference from herself and the rest of the world wasn't perfectly clear.) [Oneshot. PG-13. Lily Luna Potter.]

06. Mistletoe & Prefects: Ron and Hermione are patrolling Hogwarts around christmas time and come across a leafy green thing that tends to have people kissing under it. [Oneshot. PG. Ron/Hermione.]

07. Pity: Pity. That’s all anybody ever feels for him. [Drabble. PG. Teddy Lupin.]

08. Quidditch Kisses: Two small hidden moments between Ron and Hermione in HPB. [Oneshot. PG. Ron/Hermione.]

09. Smoking Stillness: There’s a sense of complete emptiness as Lily inhales her cigarette and tries to gaze at clouds. [Drabble. PG-13. Lily/Snape (friendship/unrequited love).] Note: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the fic.

10. Vous faite partie de moi: After the war, they all become much more intimate. [Oneshot. PG-13/light R. Gen, Ron/Hermione, Neville/Luna, mentions of other canon pairings.]

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

01.  Too Much to Be Thought (and felt and said and all the other things): The first time Lizzie and Darcy have sex, they inadvertently make a sex tape. [Oneshot. PG-13. Lizzie/Darcy.]

02. In the Office They Parted: The office of Collins & Collins would like to formally apologize to its VC, Catherine de Bourgh, for any damage and misbehavior that took place on company property on the night of November 15th, 2012; mockumentary/The Office style LBD AU. [Oneshot. Hard T. Lizzie/Darcy.]

Parks and Recreation

01. Ben Wyatt's Love Game: When Ben was thirteen, he got his first girlfriend. [Drabble. G. Leslie/Ben.] Note: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the fic.

02. Burning Up: When Leslie gets sick, Ben takes care of her. [Oneshot. G. Leslie/Ben.]

03. How Things Work Out: In the end, it all kind of works out. [Drabble. G. Leslie/Ben.] Note: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the fic.

04. I'll Tip My Hat to The New Constitution: The first time it happens, it takes them a while to actually realize they’re on a date. [Oneshot. PG. Leslie/Ben.]

05. Lovers In Between: The first time Ben Wyatt meets Leslie Knope, he’s twenty-one and trying to hide from the rest of the world. [Multi-Chapter. PG-13. Leslie/Ben.] Status: in progress.

06. Man Your Guns, Save the Parks Lady: There are few people Ben would trust his life with more then Leslie Knope, but the whole end of the world theme is starting to freak him out a little. [Oneshot. PG-13. Leslie/Ben.]

07. The 12 Steps of Learning How to Care: The first time Ben knows Leslie is going to be a problem, he hasn’t met her. [Oneshot. PG-13. Leslie/Ben.]

08. The April Ludgate Song: When you have an awesome girlfriend, you must serenade her. [Drabble. G. Andy/April.]

09. The Art of Progressing and Whoomping: It's like working with a child, he thinks. A well-informed, collaged educated, future president of the United States child. [Oneshot. G. Leslie/Ben.]

10. The Calzone Game: Ben asking Leslie if she like calzones and Leslie stalling. [Drabble. G. Leslie/Ben.] Note: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the fic.

11. The First Time It Happens: When it finally happens with Mark, they’re drunk. [Drabble. PG-13. Leslie/Ben, Leslie/Mark.] Note: you have to scroll down a bit to get to the fic.

12. The Night Hasn’t Even Started: Up until this point, Ann had always had a lot of faith in humanity. [Oneshot. PG-13. Tom/Ann.]

13. White Wyatt Christmas: Ben’s sister goes to Pawnee for the holidays. [Oneshot. PG-13. Leslie/Ben.]

14. The Woo's of Spinning Slides and Jelly Donuts: Ben understands it's wrong to show favoritism, and if Leslie wasn't smiling at him the way she is, he might regret it. But she is, so he doesn't. [Oneshot. PG-13. Leslie/Ben.]

Party Down

01. It's a Tangled Rat’s Nest: For Henry, being with Casey is his only option. [Oneshot. PG-13. Casey/Henry.]


01. time spent in between: It’s spring of 2014 when Ian is finally sent back home. [Oneshot, M, Ian/Mickey.]

Veronica Mars

01. Cinéma Vérité: Women in their early twenties taking down evil Italian masterminds isn’t real, it’s porn, and if Veronica was stupid enough to believe anything different, she likely wouldn’t have been accepted into the FBI training program to begin with. [Oneshot. PG-13. Veronica/Logan.]


01. Copenhagen: In Copenhagen, they become normal again. [Drabble. PG. Nancy/Andy.]
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