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Just Wait for It [Spaced picspam/ficlet, Tim/Daisy]

And and merry Christmas to us all! This is a holiday present for ozmissage, who wanted something Party Down, Spaced or Miranda related. I feel like it's far too rare that we see Spaced things, and it really is one of my favorite shows ever, so here we are. And since I'm already doing something on Daisy for someone else, I thought it would be fun to focus on Tim and Daisy, one of the best friendships/totally romantic-ships ever (seriously, if picspamming them has thought me anything, it's that they spent the entire series in love.) I was originally just going to picspam them, but then I found a little inspiration and ended up cracking out a couple hundred words.

Happy holidays!

"Do you know what I was saying earlier on? About being single and that? I think the thing is just not to go looking for it, you know? I think things happen when you least expect them to.

In retrospect, it weirds Tim out a little bit how accurate those words end up being.

Because when him and Daisy have been living at the place for three years, and both have stable-ish jobs and have kind of figured it out (whatever it is), he doesn’t expect it. When him and Daisy have both dated other people and broken up with said-people, because they finally realize that being single isn’t that bad if you have friends to share it with, he doesn’t expect it.

And when Tim and the gang have their yearly Star Wars rewatch (to mourn the day that Phantom Menes was released – because who ever said that there was anything wrong in finding excuses to watch three good Star Wars movies?), and Daisy curls her head into his shoulder like she always does, he doesn’t expect to feel anything. When she drifts off to sleep, the smell of her stew on her lips filling his senses, he doesn’t expect to like it. And when, late into the night, her eyes flutter open and lock themselves with his, he doesn’t expect to want to kiss her.

(In the background he can hear Mike and Brian compete for the loudest snorer. He ignores them.)

He certainly doesn’t expect to actually kiss her, to lean down and give her a peck on the lips, before inhaling and going in for a little more. And he doesn’t expect to leave Luke and Vader in their final showdown, blood and sweat and tears and all, to have sex with Daisy in his room.

He’s not sure when it happened, but somehow he’s fallen in love with Daisy Steiner.

(It’s okay, though. She seems to have fallen in love with him as well.)

He didn’t expect that. But then, who would?


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